How to Choose the Size Of Ukulele?
Feb 16, 2019

1. the regular size of ukulele is 21 "S", 23 "C", 26 "T" (the three sizes are relatively common). In addition, there is a special "S" extension size (listed as xinyi brand), which is between 21 "and 23".


2. Features of different sizes: model S of 21 inches -- compact and portable, the most original model, with bright and crisp timbre

23 "C" type -- the size is moderate, the finger is the most easy to adapt to the novice, and grade is generally 18 goods, playing a higher range, taking into account the characteristics of 21 "playing and singing and 26" solo, can be said to be the most practical model is also a size of many piano friends to choose.


The 26-inch T model is large in size, with the highest order. It has a wider range of timbre and features rich timbre. The middle and low bass are very strong.The choice of size has nothing to do with gender and height, whether it is a beginner or not, it is completely according to personal preference, 23 inches is a relatively comprehensive one, if there is no clear choice, it is generally recommended to choose 23 inches.

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