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  • Zebra Wood Tapping Cajon Box

    1. The tapping screw can be adjusted by wrench to make out differ sound effect.
    2. Adjustable sound function on bottom,in the bottom,there are two sound hole which can also adjust to make the string tight or loose ,so it can gives out differ sound like deep bass or...
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  • Apple Wood Cajon Drum

    Model No. : HTCJ14
    Item Name: cajon box, cajon box, cajon drum, box cajon, apple wood cajon drum
    Material: apple wood tapping and birch plywood back & side
    Sound structure: steel string or snare string optional
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  • Walnut Wooden Deep Bass Cajon

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  • Rosewood Wooden Cajon Music Box

    Don’t panic. You’ve just met your first cajon. This box-shaped thing was born in Peru and is an amazing musical instrument: it’s usually played with bare hands or brushes and generates a wide range of sounds with musical dynamics and a full range of frequencies. The cajon is...
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  • Sunburst Streak Finish Cajon Box

    The flamenco cajon is various, and it is suitable for every music-style from was designed to offer full-scale flamenco sound using Birch materials, making it. By the finished painting, a natural color and texture of the wood individualize simplicity thinly. Made in China...
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  • Walnut Front Plate Cajon Medium Size

    Model No. : HTKM05
    Item Name: cajon box, cajon drum, middle size box cajon,Walnut Front Plate Cajon Medium Size
    Material: walnut wood tapping and birch plywood back & side
    Sound structure: steel string
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  • KOA Front Tapping Cajon Medium Size

    You probably won’t find a cajon this cheap that produces better sounds, and Height cajon may your top spot for best cajon for beginners and professionals.
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  • Children Wood Cajon Box

    The Height music kids cajon snare wire tension can be adjusted on the bottom of the unit via 2 hex screws, and using the included hex key is very simple and quick.
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  • Kids Wood Cajon Box

    It is recommended in small-sized one. The box cajon which performed downsizing.The box cajon which set height low so that even a small-sized person was easy to play it. A low sense of pitch adopts the birch wood materials that is not too firm in the top as much as it is not...
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  • Walnut Wood Cajon Snare

    Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd is a professional kalimba&cajon factory in China for more than 9 years. We supply walnut wood cajon snare for many countries, some are OEM their brand and some with our HEIGHT brand.Our cajon mainly Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd is a...
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  • Natural Wood Cajon Box with Bag

    You can’t really go wrong with any cajón or “box drum” — any size, make, or model will be fun to use as a rhythm instrument. Most percussionists prefer to sit atop the instrument to play, so we suggest picking an instrument of an appropriate hight so your feet can rest...
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  • Rubber Wood Tapping Cajon Percussion

    The Height Music HTP23 cajon features a Rubber wood or Birch timber sound board and string wires. This full size cajon produces a large sound with deep low tones and sizzling snare cracks! The Cajon is the perfect instrument for any player wanting a quality cajon at an...
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